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People not using their iPads to grab snaps, Flickr data reveals


Current Flickr data concerning photo uploads from iOS devices

Just how many people are using the iPad 2′s back camera? That’s the question folks over at Electricpig set out to answer by digging into Flickr logs that usually provide a good enough indication of the popularity of camera-enabled digital devices. The above graph really helps put things into perspective. “It’s just in the double digits – just”, deputy editor Ben Sillis told me in an email message.

According to Flickr’s current daily average user stats for Apple’s devices with cameras, just 22 people are snapping up photos with their iPad 2s, “making it 200 times less popular than the iPhone 4, according to a blog post. Flickr has some 12,570 images taken with iPad 2s versus more than 51 million shots taken with iPhones. Granted, tens of millions of iPhones out there far outweigh millions of iPad 2s sold so far. Nevertheless, the iPad 2 numbers seem really low. Comments?

Disregarding the obvious discrepancy between the iPad 2 installed base versus that of the iPhone, I’m not surprised nobody takes pictures on their tablet. Wielding a 9.7-inch slate to align a shot feels awkward, to say the least. Plus, your phone is always on you. We snap up photos using our iPhones whenever inspiration strikes and upload them on the go to social sharing sites. As someone once said – the best camera is the one that’s always in your pocket. Talk about impulse photography! Don’t forget as well that the iPad 2′s back camera performance leaves a lot to be desired. Even though it can record high-def 720 video, it only takes sub-par 0.7-megapixel images, which is probably the reason Apple doesn’t even list megapixels on the iPad 2 specs page

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