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Personal Development Gets Easier

Floating Radish has announced an update to GroHabit, their personal development app for creating positive new habits. GroHabit 1.1 is available for iPhone and iPod touch and introduces two key features: (1) an interactive logging system that uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of each user; and (2) Skill Bars, a simple way for users to graphically see their progress in five habit-building skills.

GroHabit 1.1 also introduces a new skill: Adapting. The Adapting skill is important for users who are frequently hindered by external events or situations. Users with low Adapting scores are offered tips and techniques specifically designed to help them circumvent obstacles.

“GroHabit 1.1 makes it easier than ever to build a supportive new habit,” says Floating Radish, LLC founder James Huddleston. “The new Skill Bars feature lets users quickly see which habit-building skills they’ve mastered and which skills they need to work on.”

Features include:
* Motivators – GroHabit serves as a portable motivation board by collecting and displaying personally motivating text/quotes, audio, and photos.
* Calendars – Easy-to-use calendars allow users to record and review when they’ve performed their habit behaviors.
* Skill Focus – When a user skips their habit behavior, an interactive logging system uncovers the reason why. Then, GroHabit determines which habit-building skill needs the most work and gives the user directed tips and techniques for improving that skill.
* Habit Score – GroHabit uses a unique, research-based Habit Score to indicate how habitual a behavior has become. The Habit Score is also motivational; a user can see in advance how performing (or not performing) their behavior will impact their Habit Score.
* Daily Messages – GroHabit’s built-in daily messages offer helpful tips and motivational quotes, as well as prompt users to reflect and provide their own inspirational content. Daily messages are designed to help with both the practical and motivational sides of habit-building.
* Days Off – GroHabit uses a flexible “days off” system to accommodate behaviors that aren’t performed every day. This allows users to vary their schedules as needed, while making it easy for them to tell whether they’re on track.

“Good habits are necessary for lasting personal change,” says Floating Radish, LLC founder James Huddleston. “Our goal with GroHabit is to make it as easy as possible for people to turn beneficial behaviors into life-changing habits.”

Pricing and Availability:
GroHabit 1.1 for iPhone and iPod touch is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available on the App Store in the Productivity category.

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