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Phone Bubble 4 Protect your iPhone 4 from dust

Apple iPhone4 is a very good product, but in the specifications and technologies to enhance mobile phone at the same time, iPhone4 can not avoid the issue I am afraid there are signal precision of your fragile screen problem. In addition to the threeanti-products, many mobile phone will face this problem, but for the price is high iPhone4, fragile is afraid that as each user.

Recently, the Taiwan brand brings a creative Bone iPhone stuff, Phone Bubble 4 aircrash case, you can well protect your delicate Apple phone.

The shell design is simple, the principle is not complicated, this product isenvironmentally friendly two-color silicone material, can be washed, it will not fade.Most importantly, the design of its four corners collision chamber, rather ban throwing,well protected in the phone.

See something new below…

+ Protect your iPhone 4 from dust
+ The unique design of bump resistance provides complete
+ Washable silicone case
+ 100% Bio-degradable
+ Included a screen protector
+ Included a Gentle Strap

Size: 66x123x16 mm
Net Weight: 22 g

There are include 2 different colors of Phone Bubble 4 ,check out the photos below..

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