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Photoshop Express 1.5 for iPhone gets iOS 4.2 support


Adobe has launched a new version of Photoshop for iPhone that has been optimised for iOS 4.2 and boasts a new camera workflow that allows continuous shooting using the app.

Photoshop Express 1.5, like most iPhone apps, now has support for multi-tasking meaning you can hop between other apps on the phone and pick up where you left off editing photos. It has also had a graphical upgrade to accommodate the iPhone 4’s Retina Screen.

The big development though is the faster shooting and editing workflow which allows you to take a host of photos at one time and seamlessly send them through to the Photoshop Express app for editng. You can also upload them to Photoshop.com or Facebook (in the background) quicker thanks to an improved interface.

The app features all of the scaled-down goodness of the original Photoshop Express app, although a few people on iTunes are already complaining about the app because it reduces the functionality for those who don’t have location tracking enabled on their iPhone.

The app is free to download from the App Store now.

Link: Photoshop Express for iPhone

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