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Photoshop Remote App Shows Off New SDK Capabilities

Shawn Welch has posted a video of Photoshop Remote, a new app he is working on that makes use of the just announced Photoshop SDK.
Photoshop Remote is a heads-up-display for all of the Photoshop CS 5.5 installations on your local network. The dashboard gives you a live thumbnail of each connected client while giving you the ability to perform global actions on all connected clients like saving open images to your iPad photo library, opening the same image on all connected computers, or sending a message to all connected computers. When you drill down to an individual screen, you have even more functionality such as tool selection, color selection, filters, adjustment layers, and more.
Check it out in the video below. Photoshop Remote will launch in early May shortly after the release of Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5.
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