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Scroll Through Apps Using the Accelerometer and Volume Buttons With PhyScroll

PhyScroll is a great jailbreak tweak that allows you scroll though apps using the accelerometer and volume button. With PhyScroll Cydia App, you don’t need to touch your screen to flicking your finger up and down to find things on web pages.  You can simply tilting your iDevice using the accelerometer, or if you prefer, the volume buttons to scrolling the web pages. This tweak will not disable your normal scroll functionality,so you get to pick between all three options on demand! Take a look how it works and demo video after the break.

The settings allow you to control the sensitivity of the accelerometer while scrolling and the amount of pixels scrolled through using the buttons. The settings also let you control which settings allow you to scroll (buttons or movement), and allow the option for you to use an activator action to activate PhyScroll. By default, you need to press down both volume buttons to enable PhyScroll then release. From there you can use either the volume buttons or the accelerometer (or both) to scroll depending on which options you picked from the settings. To disable PhyScroll, just press both volume buttons again, and release them. The settings can be viewed below:

Download PhyScroll for $1.99 from the Cydia under BigBoss repository. As there will be no new icon added to your SpringBoard (homescreen).

Name: PhyScroll

Price: $1.99

Version: 1.0

Repo: BigBoss

Developer: Pedro Franceschi

Editor’s Rating:  4.5/5

Download PhyScroll v1.0 cracked .deb (You can only download at iPlayPlus)

Take a look at the video demo of PhyScroll:
[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/KzQgfJeMCPw?rel=0″] [iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/gjfA2TfePPs?rel=0″]

Download Full Version

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