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Plex 2.1 adds new features and gets bugs fixes

The Plex application allows you to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to browse and play your media (video, photos and music) using the Plex Media Server installed on your Mac or PC. You can view online media from a variety of sources. If you have Aperture, iPhoto, or iTunes installed you can also stream the content to your mobile device.


The application also functions as a full-featured remote for the Plex Media Center application.

The media is streamed directly from your Mac or PC, and there is no need to convert before viewing. You can stream over the Internet over 3G, but you will need to set up port forwarding to do so. The application can automatically configure a router via the new myPlex service.


• Any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 4.0 or higher.
• An Intel Mac running Mac OS 10.5 or later, a Windows machine running Windows XP or later, or an Intel machine running Linux.
• The Plex Media Server, which is part of the Plex Media Center, available at http://www.plexapp.com
• In order to transcode to 720p (on the iPad and iPhone 4), you need at least a 2.2GHz processor.

Also note that streaming of DRM-protected content such as older music from the iTunes store, or video files purchased from iTunes, is not supported. Additionally, playing VIDEO_TS content and .ISO files is not supported.

What’s New in Version 2.1

• NEW: Serverless operation! Now you can use the application with just a myPlex account.
• NEW: Added a preference for enabling/disabling Direct Play.
• NEW: Added even higher quality transcode options for iPhone 4S/iPad 2. More Direct Streaming, more winning.
• NEW: Display all the shared servers in settings area.
• NEW: Added new translations for Catalan, Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hindi, and Hungarian. Thanks so much to everyone who has been helping out, and if you’d like to contribute a translation, please stop by Plex Chat.
• FIX: Improvements in Direct Play, more media should play without transcoding. If you’ve got media which is transcoding and shouldn’t be, please send us logs, we want to hear about it.
• FIX: The letter index no longer shows black letters on a black background, which turns out to be quite hard to read.
• FIX: Crash when tapping to play a video.
• FIX: Rotation to landscape in remote view.
• FIX: Gesture area background color was odd.
• FIX: AirPlay Mirroring should work now.
• FIX: A crash in the details view on the iPhone.
• FIX: Better detection of non GSM iPhone 4 devices, allowing higher video quality settings to show up.
• FIX: The video player would sometimes continue playing in the background (audio only).
• FIX: When stopping video playback right away, sometimes it would display an error.
• FIX: Occasional black screen after playback, especially after multi-part media.
• FIX: In conjunction with the newest media server, fixed some channel content not playing.
• FIX: Occasionally the app would display the second level filters as a list.
• FIX: A few miscellaneous crashes.

❉❉❉ Please download the latest version of the Plex Media Server at http://www.plexapp.com/getplex ❉❉❉

You can purchase Plex from app store for $4.99 USD. [App Store link]

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