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Pocket Army v1.0.2 – Unlimited Cash + Gems


Pocket Army v2.0.0 Hack [Unlimited Cash + Gems + LV59]

A reader reported that my previous Pocket Army hack didn’t work on the newest version 1.0.2 any more, so here is the updated Pocket Army v1.0.2 hack for you. Pocket Army v1.0.2 hack works on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch without jailbreaking. The bad thing is, my savegame won’t be working for you, so you need to follow all the steps below that I am going to show you how to do this hack by your own. It’s gonna be simple and easy, a 3 years old kid even can do this.

How to hack Pocket Army v1.0.2 without jailbreak for free:

1. Install and run Pocket Army v1.0.2 (free on app store) [Skip this step if you already did.]

2. Exit and close the app from multitask.

3. Connect your iDevice to your computer,use iFunbox or whatever you like, copy the file named ” pinerecord.dat” from var/mobile/applications/Pocket Army /Documents/ to your desktop

3. Use UltraEdit (Download from here,it’s free) to open the file “pinerecord.dat”.

a. If you just started the Game (new,never played it before), you will see something like below:

There are all 0 from 6-d in first line.

b. change all those 0 (00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00) to ” FF C9 9A 3B FF C9 9A 3B ” ,seen below:

c. If you have already played the Game for a while and you earned some cash/gems, then bring up the Calculator (Everyone should get one in your computer, I am here using Windows for demo). Says you have already got 13900 cash / gems, then input the numbers.

d. Then change to “Hex” , you will got “364C”.

e. Now, go back to UltraEdit and search ” 4C36″ (not 364C). For example, if you got the result as ” ABCDEFGH” then you need to search ” GHEFCDAB”.

f. Change that value to “FF C9 9A 3B”. You need to do this twice for both cash and gems.

4. Save the file after changed the values.

5. Copy the file “pinerecord.dat” back to var/mobile/applications/Pocket Army /Documents/

6. Now you have 999,999,999 cash and gems on Pocket Army v1.0.2.

Good luck and enjoy the game. If you have any questions/problems,just leave comments below.

For our VIP members, if you can’t do this by your own, you can email me your pinerecord.dat file and tell me your cash and gems number, I will do this for you.

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  1. im no able to do it can you do it for me

  2. I tried to do t, but my game got fucked up… and now i cant start a new game…

  3. Are you going to update with 3.0.0 hack?

  4. I can’t do it with gems.. with the money it’s okei but with the gems no.. help..

  5. thanks, its work…

  6. Close facebook app also, some games are saved on that server.

    i speak english for sh*t

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  8. Bojana Obradović

    Hello and thanks for the tutorial! Do you happen to know how I can change the color of my army?

  9. I cant get it to work. I’ve tried 4 times now and everytime my coins and gems stay the same

  10. Thanks a lot dude, it works ^^

  11. Do I sync my iPod aswell?

  12. I cant seem to find the letter and number combo in ultra edit

  13. I keep changing it but it keeps changing back I’m using iFunbox but i’m still unsure

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