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Pocket Army v2.0.0 Hack [Unlimited Cash + Gems + LV59]

All right, fellas. Pocket Army has been updated to version 2.0.0 and my previous Pocket Army may be not working for your any more. Because the cash and gems value were set too high.So, here I am going to teach you how to make Pocket Army 2.0.0 hack to works on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch without jailbreak for free.

What’s New in Pocket Army Version 2.0.0

– 2 NEW SOLDIER TYPES: Fighter and Assasin.


– NEW EVENT: Captain Pirate (International Talk Like A Pirate Day)

– NEW EVENT: The Lost Pirates (International Talk Like A Pirate Day)

– NEW EVENT: Luficer (Fight with your friend, side by side)



– NEW MAP: Sandland

– NEW QUEST: Tons of new quests are added.

– Max level increasing!

– Crash bug fixing in tutorial.

– Improve AI!

– Lower goal for GEM FELIX event!

– The Gem Felix is also buyable in Shop!

– Lower price of all Felixes.

– Adjust training time of a soldier.

– Push notification is now without sound.

– Crash bug fixing while challenging a random player.

– Crash bug fixing while doing a Facebook Feed

– Improve English

– Some other minor bug fixs.

But this time, I will tell you how to hack Pocket Army level too. So, what’s features in Pocket Army v2.0.0 Hack?

  1. Unlimited Cash
  2. Unlimited Gems
  3. LV 59

How to hack Pocket Army v2.0.0 without jailbreak for free:

1. Install and run Pocket Army v2.0.0 (free on app store) [Skip this step if you already did.]

2. Exit and close the app from multitask.

3. Connect your iDevice to your computer,use iFunbox or whatever you like, copy the file named “ pinerecord.dat” from var/mobile/applications/Pocket Army /Documents/ to your desktop

3. Use UltraEdit (Download from here,it’s free) to open the file “pinerecord.dat”.

a. If you just started the Game (new,never played it before), you will see something like below:

There are all 0 from 5-d in first line. But there is a “01” in column 4,that is your level value. If you need higher level other than 59, you just change 3B to 63 or something.

b. change all those “01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00”  to “ 3B 00 3F 42 0F 00 3F 42 0F 00 ” , finally, your file should look like the screenshot below:

If you have already played the Game and gained some cash/gems/level, you just need to change all your current values (from 4-d) to “ 3B 00 3F 42 0F 00 3F 42 0F 00 ”.

4. Save the file after changed the values.

5. Copy the file “pinerecord.dat” back to var/mobile/applications/Pocket Army /Documents/

6. Now you have unlimited cash,gems and LV59 on Pocket Army v2.0.0.

Good luck and enjoy the game. If you have any questions/problems,just leave comments below.

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  1. I followed all the steps, but when I open the game on my phone, nothing has changed. However, the file shows changed when viewed using above programs.

  2. and how do we do it if we have played the game before?

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