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Get 1 Million Coins on “Pocket Ninjas”

Pocket Ninjas is a free iOS Game on App store which I just told you about earlier today.Now I am going to let you having more coins on this game for free. How many? As the title said, 1 Million (actually 999,999,999). This game is very easy to cheats to coins, you can just do it by yourself by editing the stats file. The [email protected] will be free for every one. * No jailbreak Required*

Pocket Ninjas cheats

How to get more coins on Pocket Ninjas:

1. Install & Run Pocket Ninjas. Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Download then Copy file ‘Stats.ini’ to var/mobile/applications/Pocket Ninjas/Library/Caches

3. Overwrite existing file and make sure permissions are set as follow

User: Read, Write

4. Enjoy 1 Million coins on Pocket Ninjas brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus.org

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