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Poto and Cabenga version 1.0.0 Review


Cabenga is riding along the plains on her trusty steed Poto, when a nasty mishap befalls her. The pair are separated, and must avoid many beasties in order to be reunited. GDC2010 GammaIV “One Button Game” Winner comes to handheld! Features Neverending Mode exclusive to iOS devices, as well as Original Mode and online high scores table. Voted Edge Magazine Internet Game of the Month for July 2010 ———– “Poto & Cabenga is one well-made game, with an interesting and addictive gameplay which is bound to even hook the most ardent fans of distance games on the iOS platform.” – 4.5/5 NineOverTen.com “One of the most innovative sidescrollers on the App Store.” – 4/5 148Apps.com “simple, yet challenging” – Creative Review.co.uk “addictive and mind-bendingly tricky” – FormFiftyFive.com “There is nothing I can say that is bad about this game, controls are perfect and work great to make the game difficult, whilst immersing the player in the game.” – 8/10 Finallevel.co.uk “really enjoyable stuff.” – IndieGames.com “Just amazing.” – Dentsu London “I can fairly safely say [iOS] feels like this was it’s intended home all along.” – DIYGamer.com “British illustrator, Richard Hogg has created a vivid world of both contrasting and harmonising colours, the result being something which looks similar to Sony’s Patapon yet feels more endearing.” – 7/10 The Sixth Axis


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Although it originally gained recognition as one of the six winners of the “One-Button” contest that was held at GDC 2010, Honeyslug‘s Poto and Cabenga was only available as an online Flash game until its iOS debut a week ago. The game follows a girl named Poto and her trusty steed Cabenga as they attempt to survive in a side-scrolling action game that has you controlling both characters at once.

Poto gets separated from her horse (or is it a cow?) when she’s eaten by a monstrous bird, and you’ll control her on her exploits through the belly of the beast on the top half of the screen while Cabenga dodges baddies below. Tapping the screen will cause Poto to jump, and letting go of the screen will cause Cabenga to jump. Monsters constantly stream from the right side of the screen in different patterns, so you’ll have to time your taps (and tap releases) to manage both characters at once if you want to avoid a swift death.

Poto and Cabenga is one of those rare games that mixes up the formula so effectively that it really screws with your head. Watching and manipulating both characters at once is a bit like trying to rub your belly and pat your head at the same time, but it’s a fun challenge. Enemies attack in specific patterns that are designed so that it’s always possible to successfully navigate both characters at once, but you’ll have to get very good at the game to make it to the point where you aren’t thrown off by certain types of patterns.

It’s worth mentioning that this game’s simplistic art style is really smooth when in motion. The big, colorful fonts and pastel world really give the game personality, and it feels like the perfect compliment to the game’s humorous tutorial. While Poto and Cabenga isn’t the most deep or feature-rich game on the App Store, it’s charming and challenging enough to earn a spot on your iDevice.

That said, Poto and Cabenga gets really hard, really quickly, and it doesn’t let up. Ever. I really like the game (despite the fact that I continue to be terrible at it), but I can certainly see how some people might be put off by its steep learning curve.

Is it worth the price of admission? Absolutely — Poto and Cabenga is a challenging and charming game that’s more than worth its $0.99 asking price.

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