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Prisoner 84 updated to version 2.0

Prisoner 84Prisoner 84 for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Prisoner 84 is a 3rd person action/adventure Game for the iPhone and iPod touch that sees the player take control of a psychotic inmate who is attempting to escape Tryton: a maximum security offshore prison.

The Game takes you on Prisoner 84’s journey as he tries to escape. It combines action and puzzles – with lots of hidden surprises!


– Over 40 areas to explore
– All levels realised in 3D
– Combines action with fiendish puzzles!
– Supports all generations of iPhone and iPod touch (running iOS 2.2.1+)

What’s New in Version 2.0

* New universal build
* Added support for native resolutions of all devices
* Added various new higher poly models for the iPad family, as well as 4th Gen iPhone/iPod Touch
* Enhanced UI for all versions
* Added multitask support

Prisoner 84 ipa

Prisoner 84 cracked ipa

Download Prisoner 84 IPA

Version 2.0 : Mediafire

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