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Put All Apps Or Subfolders In One Folder Without Jailbreak [VIDEO]

Back in 2010 with the iOS 4 out, people are able to create folders and place 12 apps inside each folder on your springboard.Some of you just installed dozens of apps and your want to put them in one folder but unlucky that folder functionality is limited, only allows 12 apps. So,the only way you can enhanced folders is to jailbreak your iOS devices and install folder-enhancing tweaks.The best and the recent tweak I am using is Infinifolders. But what about for those people who did not jailbreak their iOS devices?

Well,that is not a problem if you are running your iOS devices on iOS 5 at all.AppAdvice figured this out, they show off how to exploit to put a folder within a folder. It’s simple and as the same way we did in last month that teach you how to move Newsstand app into a folder : Grab any  two apps and create a new folder,drag apps or subfolders into the folder.Take a video below will show you how to make this happen in this simple and easy way.

Unfortunately, every time you tap and try to launch a subfolder, your iOS 5 device will crash and reboot. This sounds a little bit stupid and unhelpful.But this can helps you to hide some of apps that your are not using them frequency.

Anyways, if you have already jailbroken your iOS 5 devices, you can just install the tweak I mentioned above (Infinifolders and FolderEnhancer) to quickly and perfectly  put unlimited apps inside a folder and even put folders inside folders inside folders.

Newsstand in Folder

Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think in comment below.

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