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Quip v1.0.1 fixed bugs

QuipQuip for iPad:

Quip is a Twitter app for iPad with a special focus on streamlining and condensing your timeline, especially when it comes to conversations.

Imagine trying to follow a conversation in real life if the group of people involved all spoke backwards while others nearby kept interrupting with random comments. It sounds crazy but that’s what it can often be like when scanning a normal Twitter timeline.

With Quip, replies show their context right where they are. You don’t have to chase conversations down or drill down away from the timeline because Quip groups them by default and puts them the right way around for you.

Other unique features of Quip include three timeline filters:
1. Conversations: tweets that are part of a conversation
2. Retweets: tweets that have been retweeted 5+, 10+, 20+ or 50+ times
3. Images: tweets that have images included

Quip also has a really handy timeline overview that allows you to quickly scan through your tweets and find & fill gaps in your timeline with just a tap.

When replies appear on their own instead being grouped into a conversation (for example in Search results, other user’s timelines or when the parent tweet is not yet in the database), connecting conversations is as easy as holding your finger down on the avatar or tapping the ‘Complete conversation’ button. The same avatar-hold gesture can be used to load all available replies to normal tweets.

Please note that there are a few Twitter features that Quip doesn’t support as yet (such as lists), and refreshing the timeline is done manually at this stage since conversation groups can move from their original position in the timeline when replies are added.

We hope you enjoy using Quip as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it. 🙂

✭ Please note ✭
If you are getting a ‘Network connection error’ when first loading your timeline but your network is available, please try re-entering your password on the Twitter tab in the Settings app.

What’s New in Version 1.0.1

✭ Conversation button on tweets: now you can complete conversations even faster. When the button is all-grey, it will load replies. When it’s half-blue, it will load parent tweets. (note: this button can be reverted back to the Retweet button in Settings if you prefer).
✭ Now uses the Twitter-optimized keyboard when composing and searching for tweets
✭ Cursor is now positioned at the start of the tweet when quoting a tweet
✭ Fixed a bug where the Compose Tweet view would disappear when attaching an image or switching apps
✭ Fixed a bug where an incorrect Twitter password showed a mislabeled message about the network being down
✭ Fixed a bug with auto-scrolling in Mentions tab
✭ Fixed a bug with some users experiencing a crash when tapping the Messages tab
✭ UI and performance tweaks

Quip ipa

Quip cracked ipa

Quip cracked IPA for iPad:

Version 1.0.1: SlingFile

Version 1.0: Syfiles

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