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Qwiki Brings Its Video Information Experience to the iPad


Qwiki has released an new app to bring its video information experience to the iPad.
Curious? Explore 3,000,000 topics in a format perfect for the iPad: learn about what’s near you, across the world – and everything in between. Labeled "a seed that will blossom into an Internet wonder" by the NY Times, Qwiki combines thousands of sources to present concise, interactive summaries of millions of people, places and things in an experience optimized for the iPad. Explore topics by searching or browse a worldwide map highlighting landmarks, monuments, cities, towns, and more.
● Combines relevant images, videos, infographics and narration to describe millions of topics
● Worldwide map highlights popular Qwikis at any zoom level and identifies Qwikis near you
● Related Qwikis suggest other relevant Qwikis for continued learning
● Interactive mode allows you to control the speed at which information is presented
● Lightweight Qwiki format ideal for use via cell connections
You can download Qwiki from the App Store for free.

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