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Free Up Your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch Memory With RAM Doctor

Optimizing your iPhone’s memory means faster apps and smoother Game play. RAM Doctor frees wasted memory in your device and so prevents your other apps from slowing down.

Are you also experience random crashes when playing certain games or opening some apps? Then RAM Doctor is the application that can help you free up memory before running those apps that crashes due to insufficient memory on your device.

You’ll be surprised at how much faster your iPhone is after running just one round of Optimization!

If you’re using an app and your device freezes for several seconds, it could be because it’s busy freeing memory.

— Instructions —

1. Before running other apps, open RAM Doctor
2. Click on the “Optimize” button.
3. Wait for it to clean up and optimize your device’s memory.
4. Run your other apps.
5. You can also take a look at what processes are being run by touching the gear icon.

— Features —

✔ Clean, Free and Optimize your iPhone’s memory.
✔ System Process Monitor
✔ Detail breakdown of memory status: Free, Inactive, Active and Wired.
✔ Easy to use UI, nothing can go wrong.

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