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Rare Sealed Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh For Sale on eBay

A rare sealed Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh has been put up for sale on eBay.

“Here up for auction is a true piece of Apple history, a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, affectionately referred to by it’s owners as a “TAM”. Apple made a very limited number of these machines, introduced in the spring of 1997 for $7,499, and included concierge delivery and setup. Apple only manufactured 12,000 TAMs, with a release run of 11,601. The remaining 399 were kept by Apple to be used as spare parts. Considered to be at the forefront of industrial design at it’s time, the system was designed by the legendary Jonathan Ive as his first major project for Apple.”

The listing was posted by eBay user thegoofs. Here’s what you get…

The TAM comes in one large box, with four smaller boxes inside consisting of the accessory box, keyboard, system and subwoofer. The accessory box was opened only to inspect the condition of the batteries out of concern that the corrosion of them over time could have damaged other components. The batteries did in fact expand but did not leak, causing no damage to any of the other accessories. The accessories themselves are all new, otherwise untouched, including the thick users manual which is still shrink-wrapped, and a special TAM pen and pencil set which come in a special Apple embossed leather case. The system and subwoofer boxes remain sealed, and therefore are to be in perfect condition, but because testing was not performed this system is being sold in as-is condition.

Currently the auction price is sitting at $1,205 with 6 days left. You can watch the video below to learn more about the system.

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