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RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion v1.09 fixed bugs

RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Witching Hour Studios presents RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion, a refreshing take on turn-based strategy set in a completely original world, driven by an epic tale of conquest and redemption.

Optimized for Retina Display, the single-player battles and cutscenes of RAVENMARK are gorgeously rendered in lovingly hand-painted 2D. Feel the sound and fury of war as you dig into the most satisfying strategy experience iOS has to offer!

In a land known as Eclisse, where a great sun and three moons rule the azure skies, the ruling Empire of Estellion is beset by a great scourge from their past – the sun-eating mystics from the forgotten nation of Kaysan. Follow the mark of the raven and the heroes who march under its dark wings, as they struggle to survive under the weight of ruthless ambition and political intrigue!

In RAVENMARK, nothing matters more than strategic troop placement! Command an army to fight in campaign battles, where a round of combat begins with the Command Phase to issue instructions, but no action is taken until the Battle Phase, where friend and foe can act and attack simultaneously… Plan your moves carefully to emerge victorious against the challenging A.I. in each mission.

Explore a myriad of tactics at your fingertips with intuitive touch controls and unique management systems, like the Formation system: Group up to three units of a kind into a single formation, which enables special abilities and buffs to crush enemies quicker. The Standing Order system offers A.I. assisted commands that address the headaches of micro-managing the entire army every round. Use these tools to develop your own novel strategies and overcome the odds!

A rousing cinematic soundtrack underscores the tension and drama that unfolds in the battlefields of RAVENMARK. Composed by lauded Game composer Josh Whelchel, who has composed scores for other outstanding titles such as Wind-Up Knight and Mojang AB’s Scrolls, the music will immerse you ever deeper into the world of Eclisse!

Venture into the Codex, an in-Game encyclopedia which actively documents the richly storied history and cultures of Eclisse. Unlock new entries as you progress through the campaigns and encounter new nations, characters, locales and more!

Replete with 15 campaign missions at launch, many more campaigns will be released over time as FREE updates to RAVENMARK! Also, a free universal update will be released by Christmas so you can enjoy this epic blend of turn-based action across ALL your iOS devices, including the iPad!

What’s New in Version 1.06

Fixes display issues for the new iPad.

What’s New in Version 1.02

After installing the update, the title screen may display “NEW GAME” instead of “CONTINUE” even if you have played the game previously. YOUR SAVE DATA IS INTACT; simply hit “NEW GAME” to resume from where you left off.

Major Changes
– RAVENMARK is now Universal and will run on the iPad natively!
– RAVENMARK will now autosave at the start of every Command Phase, and at the start of every dialogue scene. The game will also autosave when you exit from a battle to the Main Menu. The Continue button in the Main Menu will continue the last autosaved game.
– The speed of the splash animations (during combat) is now adjustable in the Options menu. The splash animations can also be turned off, such that only damage and buff/debuff effects will be denoted after each combat instance.

UI Changes
– When the terrain grid is visible, it will clearly indicate all tiles which the player’s own Elements have been commanded to occupy due to Move and Wheeling commands.
– When an AI-controlled Formation is selected, a new toggle is now available to switch between either displaying their movement range or displaying their attack range; the attack range will show the maximum threshold for attacking without moving, as well as attacking after a move.

Gameplay Changes
– Players may now give an order to Move an Element or Formation into tiles either already occupied or blocked by their own units.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations
– Fixed an issue where the information panel for AI-controlled units would sometimes not display.
– Fixed the radial menu scale not being updated properly when centering on a unit from a zoom that is larger than the default.
– Fixed dialogue errors in the cutscenes for Ravenhood mission 5, and the bug where the characters were assigned incorrect dialogue at the end of Ravenhood mission 6.
– In Ravenhood missions 4 and 5, certain buildings will no longer be erroneously drawn on top of units at certain locations.
– More aggressively reduce memory usage and increase FPS across the game.

What’s New in Version 1.07

Minor bug updates and optimizations, including a fix for players who experienced a chapter skip from Ravenhood 1 to Ravenhood 3

What’s New in Version 1.09

General bug fixes, including an issue with the Tip Jar.

NOTE: RAVENMARK now contains IAPs. Please do support us through these IAPs if you enjoy the game!

– The Deepwood Dragoons campaign is now available as an In-App Purchase! Players can purchase this campaign from the Campaign Menu.
– An option that increases the speed at which the Battle Phase plays out is now available via the Options Menu. A 3x Speed Option is available as an In-App Purchase.
– The first missions of the Ravenhood and Suneaters campaigns will now be accessible by default. Players no longer need to complete preceding campaigns to ‘unlock’ these campaigns.
– A button to Restore past transactions has been added to the Options menu. This allows users who reinstall the game to verify and unlock previously purchased items from the App store.

WHS Account (Witching Hour Studios Account)
– Players may now create a WHS Account which synchronizes mission progress across multiple devices. This will not interfere with iCloud sync.
– Players who complete Ravenmark missions while logged in on their WHS account will be eligible for future benefits. This will be elaborated at a future time.
– Facebook Connect is now available and supported, but is optional.
– While connected to the WHS Account, the game may prompt the player to post his success to his Facebook wall.

Gameplay Changes
– The difficulty of Ravenhood Mission 9 (the “Sunsoul Mission”) has been reduced.
– Reduced the amount of time it takes for the World Map to fade in and out at the start of missions and dialogues.
– After completing the last mission of each campaign, the ending dialogue will now lead the player to the Campaign Menu.
– Dwight has grown stronger. His Pit Fighter ability now also gives him (his parent Element) 4 additional health (on top of the original 20 bonus armor). He also gains a new Active Ability called Low Blow. This change is retroactive and is applied to all Ravenhood missions he appears in.

RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion

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Version 1.09: uploading.com

Version 1.07: SlingFile

version 1.0.6: FileFactory | DepositFiles

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