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Read Thousands of documents on your iPhone with iSilo

iSiloThousands of documents, eBooks, reference works, non-fiction, fiction available for ready download. Create your own documents too.

Document list provides recently viewed list of documents, ability to categorize documents into single or multiple categories, marking of favorite folders for easy access, and file explorer access to entire document directory with document file management operations, such as copying/moving/deleting/renaming document files and creating/deleting/renaming folders.

Document viewing options provide for font size and typeface selection, along with customizable color themes with selectable background and text colors. Autoscroll with selectable speed, view documents in full screen, complete support for both portrait and landscape orientations and rotation. Jump history for easily navigating back and forth when following hyperlinks and jumping to different locations in the document. Documents open to last viewed location. Bookmarks. Document text search.

Select a range of text to copy or annotate it with a comment and selectable color.

Easily transfer documents either by connecting to iSilo’s built-in file server from your desktop/notebook computer over a Wi-Fi connection and copying documents in either direction, both from and to the device, or by directly downloading documents from a Web server to your device.

Configure the screen to perform actions when tapped. Assignable actions include scrolling, full screen mode, font sizing, among many others.

The latest version adds the ability to view additional file types. Additional image file types include .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, among others. Additional document file types include .pdf, .htm, Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), and PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx). See the manual for more details on the additional file type support.

What’s New in iSilo Version 6.03

This update addresses the following issues:
– In iOS 5, the search field has a clear background, should be white.
– The app may crash upon startup if the device is in landscape mode and the last time the app was active, a document was open.
– In iOS 5 on the iPad, using the multi-finger gesture to switch apps causes the app to enter selection mode.

Note: Save your files in /private/var/mobile /Documents

You can purchase iSilo from app store for $9.99 USD. [App Store link]

Download iSilo v6.03 cracked IPA 

iSiloiSilo 6.03


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