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Readability applications rejected again submitted to Apple

Readability is a web service, you can block ads and interference information from the site, leaving only clean, readable content. Readability of twitter replies according to the company has re-submitted to the Apple version iOS services, along with their App Store does not violate the provisions of the reasons. Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Tuesday clarified that the subscription fee does not apply to “software as a service” type of application, the application stores Readability iOS see the hope of landing.

Readability initially started out free bookmarks, present the purification of its flagship Web services are still provided free of charge. To pay for additional features to save articles for later reading, monthly fee $ 5. Readability of the publishers who promote the access to subsidies from the subscriber, Readability Panax divided by the way 70% of the revenue allocated to the publisher.

Apple on Monday rejected the original iOS version of the program on the grounds that the bypass “application of” subscription requirement. Readability argue that they do not belong to publishers, but the software as a service to provide, this may be driven by Steve Jobs on Tuesday made note of the part. Jobs also showed that the response may Readability Apple will reconsider the application.

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