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Reading List feature coming to Safari in Mac OS X Lion


MacRumors found an interesting new feature in the latest Mac OS X Lion builds called the Safari Reading List. Reading List is a feature akin to services like Instapaper, and allows you to save webpages “to read later”. The feature is not fully activated in Lion Safari, but the application’s help menu breaks it down.

If you come across a webpage or link that you want to read later, Reading List gives you an easy way to save the link.

The concept is very simple. When you want to save a link for later, simply click shift and click the link and it will go into your reading list for later viewing:


To open up your reading list, simply click the reading glasses icon next to the bookmarks icon (not yet visible in Lion). You can also view saved links/articles in “reader mode” – a feature that debuted with Safari 5 last year.

Instapaper’s Marco Ament comments and reactions via Twitter are below:


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