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Real Skijump HD v1.2.3 adjusted the balance of Battle Mode

Real Skijump HDReal Skijump HD for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

** Thank you for over 2 Million Downloads! **
The popular winter event, “Ski Jumping”, now on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!
Released a new version and free for limited time!

Ski jumping brought to life! Ski jumping that’s ultra-realistic.
Hold the device and jump as if you were actually doing a ski jump event. Compete for the longest jump distance.

The ski jump. You see it on TV, but very few people have actually experienced it.
The speed at the jump take-off is 90km/h. It is an extreme event said to have originated from a Norwegian king who forced prisoners to jump, offering them freedom if they landed well.

This Game brings you a realistic experience of the rollercoaster speed and flying thrills of the ski jump.
Playing is simple. Hold the device in both hands, and stand with your weight distributed evenly across both feet, posed if you were actually ski jumping. Get the timing right and push off with both feet.
You too can feel the overwhelming feeling of flying and exhiliration that no other Game has.
If you are too late pushing off…

Also contains night and holiday stages!
These stages have no guidance of UI, making it more exciting.
The battle mode, the bonus game and the Online Battle are newly added.

Network ranking is available through the Game Center.
Compete with your friends and total strangers for the highest rankings!
And fulfill various conditions in the game to win achievements!
Try to get them all!

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

What’s New in Version 1.2.3

– Adjusted the balance of Battle Mode.
– Minor bug fixes.

– Supported iOS5.
– Minor bug fixes.

– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

– Added the Online Battle.
– Added the item in Shop Menu.

– Added the Battle Mode.
– Added the Bonus Game : Infinity Mode.
– Added the Shop Menu.
– Added the new Achievement/Leaderboard.
– Added the Total Prize system.
– Added the tutorial.
– Available for iPad2.
– Retina display support.
– Various bug fixes.
– AppPurchase bug fixes.

Real Skijump HD ipa

Real Skijump HD cracked

Real Skijump HD cracked ipa

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