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Rebel SIM to Unlock iPhone 4 , All you Need to Know

A new upcoming SIM called Rebel Micro Sim Card which will perform the same Function as Gevey Sim does, but in a different way.

Rebel Micro simcard is launching at the Gadget Show Live in April and start shipping 6th of April.

Rebel Micro Sim Card Unlocks iPhone 4 basebands 1.59.00 / 03:10.01 / 02.10.04 / 04.10.01 running iOS 4, iOS 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.3 & 4.3.1 without requiring you to jailbreak your device

The Rebel Pro Micro Unlock Simcard is specialy Designed for the iPhone 4 and is able to by pass the network lock that restricts you from using other networks simcards.

The Rebel Pro Micro sim card comes with its own Micro simtray to use with the Rebel Pro iPhone 4 Unlock Simcard.

Rebel SIM Features

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  • No more using your phone as only an ipod
  • No need to use any cables or softwares
  • No need to load any kind of software
  • Supports Latest iPhone 4 OS 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.3.1
  • Fully Upgradable Hardware
  • Easy Unlock Solution for iPhone 4
  • Supports All Networks & Countires
  • iphone 4 Sim Tray + Pro Rebel Micro Sim included in Package.
  • No Loss of Warranty
  • Free software Updates with optional Programmers
  • Unlocks All networks & Countries Worldwide

2 Designs to use to unlock your iPhone 4

Rebel Pro Micro Sim Card is supplied with its own custom iPhone 4 Sim tray so the IC stays inside the iPhone 4 and is our Flagship Product.

Rebel Lite Micro Sim Card does not require a special iPhone Sim tray and the IC is located on the outside of the iPhone 4 when installed and is designed for Budget users.

There are two types offered by the company Rebel Pro and Rebel Lite:
With Rebel Pro you get a SIM tray, Programmer USB, and much more.


With Rebel Lite you only get a String type Sim thing.

The advantage of Rebel Pro is that you get an adapter to update the SIM Software to Unlock in future or if the company makes any changes to the product.

What is the Difference between GEVEY SIM & REBEL SIM ?
Rebel Micro SIM is like an Untethered jailbreak means if you reboot your iPhone so you don’t have to do the procedure again and again. The signals will come up automatically.
It costs GBP 40 for Rebel Pro and GBP 30 for Rebel Lite. The price of the Rebel Pro is not very expensive like Gevey Sim
Gevey Sim was like a Tethered Jailbreak. Means every time you restart your iPhone you need to do the method again.Gevey Sim is more expensive than Rebel Micro Sim it costs 70$ for the Sim. Many users complain from using the Gevey Sim.
Buy it or not ?

I recommend to NOT buy it now until dev team confirm its legitimacy as it may be illegal as Gevey SIM.

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