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Record Call v1.0 for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch

Record CallA very few readers at here iPlayPlus did ask me for an iOS app that can be recording calls. I know there are some Android apps can do that, but we are on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch. So, we need an iOS app to get this done. Actually, we don’t use iPad or iPod touch to make phone calls, so,this app is for you, for your iPhone. Luckily, I found an app called ” Record Call” for you here to download. Keep reading to know more about this app and learn how to use it. Good luck guys!!

1) Now you can record any conversation with anyone you want to talk to, from your list
or any other number you think of, and use the conversation for entertainment.

2) This is a special application which has lots of creativity and gimmicks. You can trick
anyone you want, whether your friends or anyone else, into thinking you are talking
to an artist, a well known or a very famous person by using the recorded call later.

3) The application has many great features, divided into groups. One is the recording
feature. If you push the “record” button you can tape any voice around you for
unlimited time. You can record any conversation with whom you want, whenever
you want.

4) When you open the application, you can see on your iPhone screen the panel
buttons you see when you make a real phone call, so the person you want to play a
trick on won’t doubt you.

5) You can also put in the number or the name of the person you are calling, exactly
like a real phone call.

6) When entering the application you begin your journey by using the keypad panel
shown on your screen. This application is easy to use and suitable for all ages.

7) First, the numbers panel appears. You can type any number you like even if it is fake
or imaginary. Then you press “call”.

8) You begin recording by tapping “record” and recording the voice or conversation
you want to use later for tricking others.

9) Then the screen shows a keyboard panel for the waiting call, which contains the
options: (contacts, mute, keyboard, speaker, photos, camera, record call, add call,
face time)

• Speaker: hearing the recorded conversation
• Keypad: enters the contacts/numbers list
• Mute: stops recording
• Contacts: enters the saved list of numbers
• Face time: the front camera
• Add call: enters the numbers list
• Record call: records a conversation
• Camera: rear camera
• Library photos: enters the photo gallery

10) You can record an imitation of a famous figure’s voice, Barack Obama for instance..,
and make others think you are truly talking to him!

11) You can finish recording by pushing the same button again or pushing the “silence”
button. You can hear what you recorded by using the “speaker” button. You can
hear the entire conversation.

12) Another feature for making others believe you are talking to Barack Obama, for
example, is by tapping the top of the screen on the name or number you wish to call
and change the name as you want, like writing Barack Obama as the person who is
calling you..

13) Another great feature is putting a background picture for the one you want others
to think you are calling. Tap “library photos” button and choose the picture you like.
You can change its size and then put it as background.

14) An additional feature is to use the phone camera and take a photo of what you want
to put in the background. You can also save the pictures in your gallery and use
them later.

v This application is for entertainment only.
v It is for fun: pretending you can call even imaginary characters.
v Pretending you are calling anyone you want, like celebrities and well-known
v This application works only when you record a certain conversation.
v You should take under consideration that the application consists of keyboard
numbers and when pushing on “call”, it doesn’t actually make a call.

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true phone call functionality

Best regards

You can purchase Record Call from app store for $1.99 USD. [App Store link]

You can download Record Call v1.0 cracked IPA from the link given below right after the screen shots.

Record CallRecord Call 1.0 ipa
Download Record Call v1.0 cracked ipa

Download Full Version

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