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Redesigned iPhone 5 Could Actually Be a New iPod Touch?

Hard Candy has started to manufacture 50,000 cases for a 4.44 inch teardrop shaped iOS device that many believe is the iPhone 5, according to a CultofMac report.
Interestingly, Hard Candy CEO Tim Hickman says the device may actually be a new iPod touch.
The company received identical data about the device from three sources. This is what they heard:
● Large 4.44-inch screen.
● It is significantly bigger than the iPhone 4, but the case tapers, making it feel a lot thinner.
● Large, lozenge-shaped Home button (This is rumored to be integrated with new Assistant function, allowing tasks to be controlled by voice).
Hickman said the company has made similar bets in the past and has been right. If Hard Candy hadn’t already started making the cases, it risked being left out when the device goes on sale. Retailers are going to fill their shelves with whatever cases are available, Hickman explained, and Hard Candy can’t risk being late.
“This is 100% trying to survive in the market,” he said in a phone interview. “You’ve got to get product in quantity on the shelf.”
“We’ve placed our bets,” he said. “We’re excited about it.”
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