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Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. Hands-On Preview and Video

January’s iOS number of games and activities on the developers seem small, but still the developer is to work hard to earn money with, for example, CAPCOM.

CAPCOM recently revealed to the media to the games themselves are making in a “Resident Evil” series of games news, the name of the Game named “Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs.”. According to media to obtain information about the Game, this time by offering a CAPCOM game will be Game Center as the center will focus on multiplayer online games.

In the “Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs.” where up to four players will support an online game, can be divided into two teams or free-form. Goal of the game is to eliminate zombies can also be a battle with other players. Elimination of zombies or players will be given points, the most points at the end of the game wins. When the game score will be reset to death, but the various props of weapons will be retained. Players can also summon the same time as an AI helper to launch surprise attacks on opponents.

The game needs Wi-Fi networking, or other network support, Bluetooth support local online only. At the same time the game will also include Score Attack mode, single mode and play against three AI Coin Shooter mode. After the trial, but according to Toucharcade feelings, the local online game play against a very obvious shortcomings, feeling quite awful to play with all kinds of delay card frame many problems. Toucharcade the possibility of problems that led to this may be because the two devices too close.

In addition Toucharcade also said the current “Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs.” Characters, whether or maps, are very small, the picture is not too good. Two people now known – Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, but also complained about the two roles Toucharcade no significant difference between arms. At the same time the game is currently only one map, but fortunately, the map is actually quite complex, not simple to disappointing. CAPCOM said this in the next production will be adding more characters and maps, the game will make more improvements.

Also on the “Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs.” release time, CAPCOM now that Apple’s approval as long as no major problems, and then on February will be released one day.

Let’s check out the video below:

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