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Retina Monitor Support Found in Mac OS X Lion

Apple may be building in support for super high resolution ‘Retina’ monitors into Mac OS X Lion, according to files found my MacRumors.

Taking cues from iOS, Apple has reportedly built in support for what it calls “HiDPI display modes”. These HiDPI modes allow developers to supply 2x-enlarged images to support double-high resolution displays. Like the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, this means that user interface elements will remain the same size, but everything will be twice the resolution and therefore twice as detailed. For example, instead of a 1440×900 pixel 15″ MacBook Pro, you could have a 2880×1800 pixel 15″ MacBook Pro. All the screen elements would be the same physical size as elements on the 1440×900 display, but with a much higher level of detail. Developers would simply need to provide 2x-resolution images for their user interface elements, just like on the iPhone to support its high resolution Retina display.

Apple recently released the first preview of Mac OS X Lion to developers. The new operating system is expected to be released to the public this summer.

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