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Review:Photastic HD for iPhone

**Note:Original review by James,first posts on iPlayPlus.
By now, more and more people or should say the Apple fans own their iPhone 4 on their hands, so  we tried to turn the iPhone into a Real-Camera. In fact, I do so all the time when I am outside with don’t want to carry my damn big and heavy Cam.But maybe sometimes you will just thinking that the Photos you took are looks not enough fun for you. You want to fun with the photos?

Here we go, the app ‘Photastic HD’ is your best choice.This App having the ability to edit and make photos look “professional” is nice, sometimes it’s also about having fun.Photastic HD has another name on App store is Photastic video warper.The app allows you to  pick image source from your iPhone photo Library,Camera,real time camera and real time front camera.After you choice your photo you can  Shatter your photos into thousands of pieces and watch them respond to gravity and reform.Liquify your image, turning it into a swirly puddle of goo.Push and pull your image and then watch it snap back. Supports 6 multiple size brushes:inflate,deflate,spin,swirl,pulse,drag.If the size of the iPhone screen isn’t quite good enough, users can share and involve the whole family as VGA output is available.  Aslo support for  distortion particles, three different healing modes.If you want to share this app with your family or your friends, the application allows you to capture your destruction in case you want to send it to a few of your unsuspecting friends.

Nowdays, you can download this amazing app from App Store,and it is limited time free. This time after it is at price $.99. As well as this app Compatible with iPad and iPod Touch.

So, you still thinking? Come on, go and grab one for yourself.Don’t miss it. Remember, it is limited time free..free…Take a look the demo video below..


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