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RockMelt Web Browser Arrives on the iPhone


Rockmelt, a socially integrated web browser, has arrived on the iPhone and iPod touch.
RockMelt puts your online world right at your fingertips. In addition to search and getting instant updates from Facebook, Twitter, and more, you can also share and save any content to read later. RockMelt for your iPhone and iPod touch also syncs with RockMelt on your Mac and PC to give you a seamless online experience – no matter if you’re on a commute, waiting for coffee, or back at home.

★ Notifications the moment your Facebook, Twitter, and other favorite sites have new updates
★ See photos, videos, and links effortlessly
★ Facebook: See your news feed and notifications and like and comment on anything
★ Twitter: See your mentions, reply and retweet to tweets in your stream
★ Other sites: Add your own custom sites to get instant updates
★ Quickly share any links, photos, or videos to your Facebook and Twitter
★ Don’t have time now? Save any content – links, photos, comments, videos – to read later
★ Items saved to View Later will also be available on your RockMelt for PC and Mac
★ Favorite sites, bookmarks, and View Later items are all synced with RockMelt on your computer
★ Even the number of unread items for your favorite sites are synced
★ Any changes you make on your iPhone will automatically be updated on your computer (and vice versa)
If you’re a new user:
1) Sign in with Facebook
2) Add your Twitter account and other favorite sites
3) Install RockMelt on your computer
If you already use RockMelt on your computer, just sign in with your Facebook account and we’ll do the rest!
You can download RockMelt from the App Store for free.

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