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Running Quest Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Running QuestRunning Quest for iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

**Please Note**
Running Quest is only compatible with the following devices:
iPhone 4s, iPhone5, iPhone5c, iPhone5s, iPad2, iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina Display, iPod touch 5th Generation.
Running Quest is not compatible with devices other than those mentioned above.

Running Quest is an Endless Runner / Action-RPG hybrid, inspired by games such as Temple Run 2 and World of Warcraft.

Guarded inside a castle, deep within the heart of Agarom, lay the Stone of Shattered Planes. The stone is a key that can be used to open a portal to the planes of darkness. The power of the stone fueled a raging desire within Nimus, a master thief and clockwork engineer. Nimus envisioned harnessing the power of darkness to reign as King over all of Agarom. Thus he has stolen the stone and fled to an ancient land of clocks and gnomes. You must chase him down and battle your way through hordes of enemies in a rich and vibrant fantasy world filled with adventure!

* 2 playable characters : A male warrior and female scout
* Level up your character and collect all armor sets, weapons and abilities
* Run through 4 different fantasy-themed worlds filled with dragons, goblins, clockworks and more
* Earn rewards for completing special challenges and earn dozens of achievements in Game Center
* Unique one-touch battle system
* Upgrade your stats and improve your character so you can survive longer and earn higher scores
* Post your high scores to Game Center and Facebook
* A unique boss fight packed full of action, cinematics and surprises!
* Dozens of different enemies and obstacles
* Beautiful high resolution graphics
* Heart-pounding battle-theme music
* Adjust in-game volume as well as tilt sensitivity for your device
* Save your progress across all devices with iCloud

The fate of the world now rests in your hands. Onward you must run, for your quest will be the tale of ages to come.

Running Quest IPA

Running Quest cracked ipa

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