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Rusty Orb v1.1 fixed bugs

Rusty OrbRusty Orb for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Take command of the underground exploring and excavation vehicle “Rusty 01” on an adventure into the depths of an alien planet!

Gather all the valuable gems you can find and carry them home while avoiding dangerous traps and monsters lurking under the surface of the planet and solving puzzles that will open you new, previously undiscovered underground caverns.

Rusty Orb is a physics based puzzler combined with action Game. Featuring a unique mechanics for interacting with your environment via an extendable chain allowing your vehicle to carry other items or hook itself to a wall.

Pick the controls that suit your playing style best.
You can play with joysticks, one controlling the thrusters, the other one controlling the extendable chain.
Alternatively you can enable direct screen touch controls – if you do, the ship will follow your finger. To launch the chain make a movement from inside your ship towards the place you want to attach yourself to.

What’s New in Version 1.1

Increased fuel regain rate
Fixed cloud attack to no longer harm the ship while the cloud is fading away
Fixed issues with Rusty becoming blocked on map 21
Minor graphical improvements

Rusty Orb ipa

Rusty Orb cracked

Download Rusty Orb IPA

Version 1.1: SlingFile | LimeLinx

Version 1.0: Sendspace | Mediafire

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