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Sarge, An Amazing 2D Action Game

SargeThe planet Zephyr, in the middle of a war between the human United Terra Initiative and the alien Nova Imperium. Sarge and Trysh, a rag tag mercenary team, has been hired to take out a Nova Imperium Jump Beacon that has been planted on a Human mining ship, a beacon that would ensure the doom of Zephyr inhabitants if it were activated. Either because of financial desperation, over-eagerness, or sheer stupidity, Sarge accepts…

Take on the role of Sarge, a take-no-prisoners alien killing machine, in this action packed 2D Brawler.

– 6 Levels of brawling action.
– Entertaining story with fully voiced cutscenes.
– Presented with beautiful artwork and hand-drawn animation.

You can purchase Sarge from app store for $0.99. [App Store link]

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