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Get 10 Million Coins on Saving Private Sheep 2

Saving Private Sheep 2 has been released on app store last week.This Game has 66 levels full of hazards: chickens, waterfalls, spider’s webs, spikes, etc. It’s quite fun and interesting. In order to let you play this game much easier, here again, I will give you the [email protected] to get 10 million coins on this game for free. I just found out that someone downloaded my [email protected] and then uploaded to some locked with survey filehost,even copy every single word I just posted here, so no more free for everyone. VIP members only. If you want my [email protected], then buy our VIP membership, but don’t copy my posts. You can resell to anyone you want, but just don’t copy everything I just written down here.  **NO jailbreak REQUIRED**

Saving Private Sheep 2 hack

Saving Private Sheep 2 cheats

How to get 10 million coins on Saving Private Sheep 2:

1. Install & Run Saving Private Sheep 2. Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Download (link posted below )then Copy file ‘playerData.sav’ to var/mobile/applications/SPS2/Documents/

3. Overwrite existing file and make sure permissions are set as follow

User: Read, Write

4. Enjoy 10 Million Coins on Saving Private Sheep 2 brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus.org

Download the file from here

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