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Saving Private Sheep 2 v1.3 Lighter version

Saving Private Sheep 2Saving Private Sheep 2 for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

*** new iPad Retina ***

Saving Private Sheep is back!

The war is over.
After fierce combat, those damned wolves have gone back home with their tails between their legs…
The sheep can graze once again with great delight and plenty of new wool!
But let’s not forget the foxes, those nasty creatures that have come to kidnap the poor, innocent little sheep…
Fortunately, General Sheepard is there to keep an eye on the sheepfold.
Armed with a catapult and a hedgehog, the leading military figure in the entire flock dispatches a small commando team to restore peace in the pastures.

Use your catapult, go from one sheep to the next, and knock those foxes flying.
Avoid the obstacles in your path and watch out for the clumsy soldiers because the enemy is well hidden!

You think it’s easy then? We’ll soon see about that, pal…

CREATE your own levels using the level editor used by our Game designers
SHARE your finest levels using the Premium option and receive ratings from the other players
GAIN regular access to new community levels using the Premium option

new iPad Retina
– 66 levels full of hazards: chickens, waterfalls, spider’s webs, spikes, etc.
– New permanent levels thanks to the level editor
– Loads of gadgets: parachute, chilies, jetpacks, pipes, hives, etc.
– Extra skins and ammunition thanks to the objects collected during the game
– Universal version for iPhone/iPad

What’s New in Version 1.3

Lighter version (less than 50mo)

Saving Private Sheep 2 ipa

Saving Private Sheep 2 cracked

Saving Private Sheep 2 cracked ipa

Download Saving Private Sheep 2 cracked IPA

Version 1.3: FileFactory 

Version 1.1 :  SlingFile

Download Full Version

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