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Search From Anywhere On iDevice with InstaURL

InstaURL is a jailbreak tweak that allows you using Google,Bing and yahoo search the web or go to exact URLs from anywhere on your iPhone,iPad and iPod touch.Similar to QuickGoogle ; InstaURL isn’t alone when it comes to tweaks of this nature.


InstaURL browse the web literally from anywhere on your device with simple gesture set via Activator. You can even search Google,Bing or Yahoo, easily just by typing your search in the box and hitting Go, instead of typing a URL to a website. Search Sites can be adjusted in settings. This tweak pretty much lets you access the Safari URL bar anywhere on the device, even the lock screen. You can type a full URL as such: appleguider.com or you can search by typing in you search item as such: How many miles are in a kilometer? The set Search Site will be displayed in the text box before you srart typing so you know what search engine you will be searching with. This tweak is simple yet very useful. Watch the demo video below that I made to show you how it works:

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/meo86dWWam0?rel=0″]

As you can see in my walk-through  video, it’s not working perfectly while I am typing in “iPlayPlus” as search item because this tweak is not supported iOS 5 or higher.Personally, I will always prefer QuickGoogle just because it allows Google searches from anywhere and it’s free. InstaURL costs $0.99 on Cydia store under modmyi repo.

The main difference with InstaURL is that it allows you to search Yahoo and Bing as well. If that’s a compelling enough reason for you, then InstaURL might be worth the buck.

Let me know what you think about InstaURL in the comments section below.

Download InstaURL cracked .deb for testing, if you like it, buy it!

Download Full Version

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