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Secret Apple Retail Meeting Was About ‘Joint Venture’

Apple laid the first stages of JointVenture out to Apple Retail staff today and as West Coast employees exit the meetings we are getting our first information on the new small business program.  JointVenture will be launched on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Apple has held a meeting with retail staff to brief them on ‘Joint Venture’, a new support program for small businesses.
Apple plans to charge $499 for up to 5 users and $99 for each additional user/year, according to a 9to5Mac tipster. The program will offer members priority service at the Genius Bar, the ability to call in and speak to a Genius, loaner computers for repairs that take longer than 24 hours, and new workshops.
I was a the Apple meeting this evening, we had to shut all of our phones off. JoinVenture is a way to keep our Business customers resolved of all problems. It offers OnetoOne-esque features, such as business workshops (from beginning to advance business software/exchange server help). Also, JointVenture allows businesses contact us in case of an emergency. There will be a genius telephone that they can reach a genius member at for personal assistance. If their computer needs to be worked on, for more than 24 hours, we will loan them a computer to use for the time being. Also, we are going to be offering special training for businesses for all employees to come in and attend training seminars on a personal level. I’ll keep you updated the more information I get. This will be rolling out March 2nd. It will also be renewable. And ProCare is gone now.
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