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Semitether Jailbreak Gets Updated to Solve Early Issues

BigBoss has updated his Semitether jailbreak package to solve some of the issues experienced by beta testers.
A semi-tethered jailbreak is an interim solution which solves the problem of being unable to reboot with a tethered jailbreak. The semi tethered jailbreak by BigBoss will allow you to reboot on the road, but with limited functionality. It is enough that you are no longer stranded, and you can use your phone, text, and many other features. This is just until you get home and can use RedSn0w again to “just boot tethered”. Once you do that, you’re back to fully functional state.
What’s New:
● Reworked the app sync conflicts
● Reworked daemon loading order to hopefully solve 2 issues.
1) Reboot after 2 mins on some devices
2) app sync with itunes issue on some devices.
Note: This version now takes 60-90 seconds after reboot and it will respring again then your device should be usable.
You can find instructions on how to install the Semitether here.


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