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“Send My Location” Jailbreak Tweak Will Send Your Location Directly From SMS

Send My Location is a new iOS tweak that will quickly SMS a Google Maps link to your location from the native Messages app. You can open the url created to ascertain your whereabouts via the Maps app. Find My Friends, a new feature of iOS 5, covers this niche, however, it is ‘opt-in’, so users have to grant access to be found. Send My Location requires no such permissions, and is certainly a useful tool to have in your inventory in the battle against getting lost!

Send My Location allows you to quickly send your current location directly from Messages.app. Indeed it replaces the Edit button by a Send Location button which will open a compose panel. Location is written as an URL that will open Maps.app.


The app is said to work on iOS 4 and iOS 5, and having tested it out on both 4.3.3 and 5.0, we are pleased to report that we’ve found no reason to refute those claims. There are no adjustable settings, but truthfully speaking, they aren’t really necessary, although it would be a nice touch to be able to change the automated “hi i’m at” to something that sounds a little less hastily written.

It’s ideal for those who can seldom navigate to new locations and have a somewhat unfortunate sense of direction. It’s free over at the BigBoss repository (which will be on your source list, unless you’ve decided to delete it) and at 19KB, it’s one of those tweaks worth installing, just incase. You can also download the .deb file here and SSH the file directly to your device or you can download the tweak for free from the Big Boss Cydia Repository.


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