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Shoot Many Zombies v1.7 added new enhanced guns in shop

Shoot Many ZombiesDescription

Shoot ManyZombies is a cross-action adventure Game. It will bring you to a new world of shock and terror.

Main Game Features:
–Three roles to choose from. Each role has their own unique skills and abilities.
–More than 30 kinds of weapons. Each weapon has its own distinct property.
–A variety of accessories to match your favorite weapons. They not only enhance the properties, but also change the shape of weapons into awesome weapons.
–Players can upgrade four attributes of their favorite weapons freely.
–Both the character’s attributes and their unique skills can be upgraded.
–There will be various interconnected scenes. Players can freely change the scene at their own will.
–When encountering the special zombies, the player needs to use unique weapons to attack. It makes the game more enjoyable and fun.
–Complicated plot which takes the player into a different world.
–There will be an additional boss for each level. Each Boss has several skills and will appear in various levels. It makes the game atmosphere more intense.
–There will be hints to find many hidden weapons in the game for the player.

Other Features:
–Game design is suitable for iPhone /iPod
–Unique game style 
–Easy game controls. The game is suitable for all age groups.
–To bring you an unprecedented cool sense 
–Gorgeous game scenes
–Special BOSS character designs.

Coming in next version:
The developer will add more new roles and scenes in the next version.

Let us experience a fierce battle. Have fun!

What’s New in Version 1.7

1.Add new enhanced guns in shop.
2.Increase the drop rate of coins and power crystal in Tower of Death.
3.Fix some bugs.
4.Adjust the game notification.

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