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Silent Film Director 2.0 Released

Silent Film Director makes your videos look like Silent Films from Charlie Chaplin times, Retro Music Clips from the days of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe or something completely different – depends on where creativity and talent lead you.
With a number of video applications on the App Store today, there are hardly few, which let iPhone (iPod touch) users express their creativity and there are definitely none, which offer what the new app "Silent Film Director" offers.
The app lets users direct own cinematography masterpieces, which look like films from the old days of the Movie Era. Users can choose video effects, customize quality and speed of video, add soundtracks, title cards, special transitions, mix videos with photos and more.
Video effects inside Silent Film Director depict different milestones in movie history, thus can make videos look like Silent Films from 20s, vintage movies from 50s or hippie style home videos from 60s and 70s. The app has built-in soundtracks and also allows uploading music from iPod and Computer.
Another notable feature is a possibility to upload video clips from a special sharing folder via iTunes, unlike most other video apps which support uploading from the camera roll or no video uploading at all.
The movie can be rendered in low, normal, high and HD quality. Users can manually adjust video speed – make it up to 3 times faster or slower than the original. Silent Film Director uses enhanced rendering technology which noticeably speeds up the rendering process, for instance 3 minute video with customized effects, soundtracks, transitions and speed will take approximately 3-5 minutes to render. Enhanced technology allows creating short video clips, as well as longer movies.

Silent Film Director is available in 2 versions – Standard and PRO. The basic version lets users create films with customizable video effects, manually define speed and quality, record video from inside the app or upload already saved clip, choose one of default soundtracks or upload own music and share videos via social networks.
The PRO version of Silent Film Director (available via in-app purchase) adds title cards with authentic Silent Films Fonts, Stylish Transitions, more video editing options and possibility to mix video with pictures.
After creating the video users can share it via YouTube, Facebook, Email or save to camera roll. Users can also submit their videos to contest or get featured in a special international video gallery. This gallery can be accessed from the home screen of the Silent Film Director.
Pricing and Availability:
Silent Film Director is live on App Store from Wednesday, April 6, and is available for purchase at $0,99 (limited time sale price). Silent Film Director PRO is available via in-app purchase for additional $0,99 (limited time sale price). There is a special purchase condition for all iPhone/iPod touch users who own Vintage Video Maker app by MacPhun LLC. Those, who already have this app, get new Silent Film Director as a Free update. Those, who have Vintage Video Maker with in-app purchase, get Silent Film Director PRO.
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