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Silly Owls v1.1.0 fixed bugs and now support the new iPad

Silly OwlsSilly Owls For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

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Meet Doory, Hooty and Woody!

Doory – A mischievous little green owl who loves to venture in the jungle bringing along rubber bands.
The rubber bands are a slingshot’s soul. As a fan of slingshot, Doory has invented his own unique gameplay where a limited amount of rubber bands is provided for him to collect 3 stars in order for him to be back home. Along the journey back home, there are dangerous and spiky fruits, durians around. Watch out! Don’t let Doory get near them as this will definitely cause a pain in the butt… Ouch!!!

Hooty – A smart little purple owl who discovered gravity.
There was once a great story where Newton discovered the law of gravity while he was sitting under an apple tree, and an apple fell on his head. Well, little Hooty here claims that she was the one that dropped the apple and made Newton discovered gravity. Sounds funny, right?!!… However, no one believes her(do you?). She will show you how to work on the apples – dropping, path building, slicing, and many more in her Game using Newton’s law(oh wait, should be Hooty’s law, haha). You might also be able to meet her friend, Spidy!

Woody – An adventurous little brown owl who loves adventure especially skateboarding.
What makes Woody so special is he invented his first skateboard out from banana.(Isn’t banana a kind of fruit?!!) He believes that he is the best banana skateboarder in the world. That’s what he is trying to show you in his Game. And by the way, there will be eerie snakes and snails along the way.. Oh No!!!…. But, wait, not to worry, he knows how to drift at different speeds and brake… Wish Woody luck to succeed his adventurous journey~

– 3 Different Gameplay (Doory, Hooty and Woody)
– 60 Unique Levels (Doory and Hooty)
– Survival Mode (Woody)
– Universal App

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What’s New in Version 1.1.0

-Fixed Game Center.
-Now support the new iPad.
-Added ability to purchase quick Unlock for all levels.

Silly Owls ipa

Silly Owls cracked

Silly Owls cracked ipa

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Version 1.1.0 : SlingFile | Jumbofiles

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