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Siri Proxy Server Hacked to Add Limitless Functionality

Well,it’s Siri Hacked again. We all know that Siri has hacked to run on iPhone,iPod and iPad already. The hackers now are really looking for something that making Siri  cool and more fun. So far, hackers made Siri can recognize custom commands, which just like asking siri to show you an image. And also a “hacker” using Siri to made a video about “Control Siri using their mind“, which known as “Fake“. In addition, a week ago, Siri protocol has been cracked to run on any devices (Including Android), but still requires iPhone 4S UDID. While it still isn’t possible, an interesting development by a hacker with the Twitter handle “plamoni” might bring a bevy of new features to Siri.

Plamoni created a proxy server for Siri. The whole point of the proxy server allows developers to create custom Siri handlers for different actions. In plamoni’s particular example he created a plugin with custom handles that allowed him to control his thermostat from his iPhone.Full instructions on how to set up a Siri Proxy on your home network can be found here. Now, let’s take a look the demo video below:

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/AN6wy0keQqo?rel=0″]

Source: GitHub [via iPhoneHacks]

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