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Siri Won’t Bring to iPhone 4 By Apple

The story goes around the web that saying Apple tested Siri on the iPhone 4 and will bring it to the iPhone 4 officially later on is failed,according to 9to5mac.

The first part is true, and the second part is not. Apple has long been testing Siri on the iPhone 4. In fact, Apple employees are currently running around with Siri on their iPhone 4. In addition, Apple has even left Siri references in the latest iOS 5.0.1 beta for the iPhone 4 – and even the iPad and iPod touch.

Folks,don’t expect Apple itself will bring Siri to your iPhone 4. The site given out 3 reasons that Apple just make Siri running on iPhone 4S exclusively:

1,Only for newest phone,Apple spent millions of dollars on Siri ‘s development, how gonna give it for free upgrade?

2,   iPhone 4S is a more closed control group for the Siri “beta” than if Apple were to open Siri to the tens of millions of iPhone 4 customers.

3,The Future. An A4 Single-core processor cannot handle Siri.

So, Apple will not bring Siri to the iPhone 4.,you are not going to get it legally. The only way you can get Siri in your iPhone 4 is hacked to fully run on it.

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