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Sky Tourist Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Sky TouristSky Tourist for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Don’t miss this fantastic journey, and discover the most beautiful and exciting corners of the universe with our hero, Petey Pendant!

Petey is keen on traveling, but our world was not enough for him. So He decided to discover new planets and civilizations with his home-made special travel method to collect souvenirs and take pictures of the local spectacles.

Unfortunately, Petey is not always welcomed by the locals. They are trying to hide their well-kept wonders and secrets, and they don’t make it easy for Pete to reach his goals! But with your help he will surely manage it, so take control and escort Pete on his adventure across the most interesting planets of the universe!

Sky Tourist is a puzzle… platformer? Not quite, but almost there, at least there are puzzles, but running and jumping are not part of the fun here! As you guide Petey while he is propelled into the sky to collect cubelets, take pictures and solve puzzles, be wary of the many traps and hostile inhabitants trying to protect their planetary treasures from outsiders!
As you fly along on your adventure through all 75 levels, don’t forget to use your cubelets to try different costumes for Petey and buy alternative rockets to launch!

Key features:
• Innovative Game-play mechanics
• Cute characters with a great story
• 3 Beautiful worlds, with 75+3 bonus levels
• Stunning soundtracks

Sky Tourist ipa

Sky Tourist cracked

Sky Tourist cracked ipa

Sky Tourist IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Version 1.0.1: Baidu

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