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Smurfs’ Village application Internal purchase angered Apple

According to reports, Apple iOS free children’s games Smurfs’ Village  to buy the application raised issues stern warning to the publisher Capcom.Allegedly received complaints from parents, Apple iTunes are considering adjusting landing long.

According to PocketGamer.biz website reported on Wednesday, “Blue Wizard Village” from the application of non-intention to buy Apple has attracted attention. As on Wednesday, this was last updated on February 4, free application iPhone App Store in the U.S. list were ranked third in gross income.

“Apple told Capcom, its free children’s games have problems, large and growing number of parents complained their children without the knowledge of the large number of applications to buy.”

Capcom’s application in the App Store this list, many warnings have been added.Application warned “to purchase additional content within the application fees” and inform the user can set the device to purchase such content is prohibited.

Application of the same description that, according to iOS set the password entered by the user to purchase iTunes App Store content, the system will remain within 15 minutes logged. In the meantime buy again without re-enter the password.

“This is not iOS software features within our control”, Capcom wrote.

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