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Soccer Scores Pro – FotMob Hack [Premium Version]

Soccer Scores Pro – FotMob, probably the best soccer app in app store, featuring:
• Live scores
• Match facts
• News feeds pr. league
• News feeds pr. team
• Push notifications (premium feature)
• Tables
• Favorites view to easily track your teams

So here I will teach you how to get the FotMob Premium,Push Alert and remove ads in-app purchase packages Unlock on your non-jailbreak devices, of course you can do it on your jailbroken devices, works on both.

Hack Featured:

  • Premium
  • Push Alert
  • Remove Ads

Let’s get started!

Soccer Scores Pro - FotMob cheat

How to hack Soccer Scores Pro – FotMob without jailbreak:

1. Install and run the app on your device. Exit the app and close from multitask.

2. Download iFunbox or iTools if you haven’t done so.

3. Open up iFunbox or iTools, connect your device to your PC/Mac.

4. Go to Applications, find Soccer Scores Pro – FotMob, double on the app icon to get into the app folder.

5.  Go to Library > Preferences then copy the file “com.mobilefootie.fotmobpro.plist” to your desktop.

6. Open up the plist file, then add the following codes:


7. Save the file. Then copy it back to the preferences folder, and overwrite existing file.

8. Done!

If you are too lazy to edit the file by yourself, I got your back, download the file below and replace yours. (I know you are lazy)

Click here to download

Download Full Version

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