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Get Unlimited Rupees on “Spellsword”

Spellsword is a retro-inspired Hack N Slash survival based iOS Game presented by Everplay and FireFruitForge. Spellsword follows the path of an unlikely hero as he quests to unleash the power of his newly found Spellsword. The player will fight in a variety of arenas to Unlock new items and spell cards. To be unlocked new items easier, you need to have more Rupees on the Game. How to get unlimited Rupees on spellsword? Win or cheats. Now, I decided to cheat the game. lol..

Spellsword hack  rupees

Spellsword chest rupees

This is for Jailbroken devices only!

By installed Spellsword:AG IPA, you can get unlimited Rupees on the game for free, but you have to start a fresh game.

Download Spellsword 1.0.1 AG version

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