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Spellsword v1.1 added new missions and more

SpellswordSpellsword for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Spellsword is a retro-inspired Hack N Slash survival based iOS Game presented by Everplay and FireFruitForge. Spellsword follows the path of an unlikely hero as he quests to unleash the power of his newly found Spellsword. The player will fight in a variety of arenas to Unlock new items and spell cards.

√ 60 Missions
√ 9 Endless Arenas with High Score Leaderboards through GameCenter
√ RPG elements and upgrades
√ Retro Inspired Graphics and Gameplay
√ Hats, Amulets, and Rings, oh my!
√ Universal – 1 Purchase for all your devices.
√ iCade Enabled

Spellsword imbues classic platforming fun with intense action, light comedy, and endless gameplay that’s a perfect fit for mobile gamers.

What’s New in Version 1.0.3

Thank you all for your support!

This version of Spellsword includes improved controls and fixes.

√ Options Menu
√ Reset Character
√ Pro Swipe and Manual Placement of Controls

What’s New in Version 1.1

– A New Arena: Sky Temple
– 60 New Missions
– More than 30 new equip items
– New Spell Cards
– New enemies
– iCloud Support(After uploading your savestate it may take a few minutes until its completely synced)

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Version 1.1: SlingFile

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Version 1.0.1: FileFactory

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