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Spirit of Wandering – The Legend HD (Full) Released for iPad

Spirit of Wandering – The Legend is a pretty traditional Hidden Object Game. The story focuses on the crew of a ship that have been imprisoned in the spirit world. That means plenty of pirates and nautical themes throughout the title. I’ll admit it. The story isn’t overly gripping. I found myself tapping through the storyline wanting to get back to the main action of the title rather than take in any of the narrative. Fortunately, the gameplay is quite fun.

Hidden Object veterans will notice one key difference early on in the game, compared to what’s usual in the genre. There are no lists of items to collect. Instead, the items are listed as silhouettes which changes expectations quite a lot. In some cases, it makes it much easier to find certain items. There are no cryptic clues to decipher for instance. However, other shapes are quite vague which adds to the challenge. It definitely makes for a change from the usual style of doing things.

A familiar folly for the genre is that of items that are extremely difficult to spot because they’re so carefully hidden in the scenery. This is a problem that Spirit of Wandering – The Legend suffers from and I found myself saving the hint button for such ocassions. It’s not too heavily to the detriment of the game but it is a minor niggle.

The hint button in the game is a neat touch. Rather than clearly stating where an object is, it’s a compass that sends players in the right direction. Once all the objects have been found for a section, play switches to using a Crystal Orb which helps the player find spirit world objects by lighting up a path and tying into the ghostly side of the story.

Spirit of Wandering – The Legend is a very traditional Hidden Object game but it’s a solid example of the genre and quite enjoyable. It won’t convert naysayers to the genre but fans will have a great time, much as I did.

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Spirit of Wandering – The Legend HD Released note:

Sail the seas with a pirate captain in search of her missing love in this adventurous, hidden-object quest! After an attack by the Flying Dutchman, the crew of the Spirit of Wandering and captain’s companion, Jack, were imprisoned in the spirit world. Use powerful tools such as the Crystal Orb, a trusty compass and the help of fellow prisoners to find hidden objects that are drifting between the two worlds. Remove the lingering curse and save those stuck in the spirit world!
● 6 Gorgeous settings
● 24 Challenging locations
● Over 450 hidden objects
● 90 cherished items to discover
● Game Center Support
iOS 4+ multitasking support

You can purchase Spirit of Wandering – The Legend HD (Full) from app store for $4.99 USD.

Spirit of Wandering - The Legend HD (Full) ipa

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