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Spore™ Creatures for Jailbroken iPhone,iPod touch

Spore™ Creatures is not the new Game but it is awesome ,realesed by EA.You seen  this only becasue it had a cracked version  avialable for your Jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch.The cracker is Davecrackr and it’s the lastest version, which 1.0.1.For who is new to know this Game,there is a fully description below right after the break…

CREATE. EXPLORE. EVOLVE. IT’S AN ALL-NEW ADVENTURE. The SPORE™ Creatures are out of the ooze and onto solid ground in the sequel to the award-winning SPORE™ Origins — created just for iPhone® & iPod touch®.

Now you’re on a land-based evolutionary adventure full of natural opportunities and deadly dangers. Use the accelerometer and intuitive touch controls to create your Spore Creature, explore your world, and evolve.

Customize your Spore Creature with over 45 unique body parts like legs, mouths, shells, and wings, plus different skins, shapes, and colors. There are over a BILLION possible combinations nested inside the SPORE™ Creature Creator. Let your creativity run wild!

Traverse 20 levels across 4 sprawling zones: Sandy Shores, Barren Desert, Dark Forest, and Icy Mountains. Avoid snapping, carnivorous plants, shooting urchins, and more – all while solving puzzles to complete each level. Socialize or attack unique creature herds. The choice is yours.

Collect DNA to evolve. Max out 5 Abilities to build a survival skill-set. Slow down time…attack with poison projectiles…view hidden secrets…or unleash a battle roar to stun your enemies.

You can purchase Spore™ Creatures from App Store for $0.99.

If you have your devices jailbroken ready,you can download our IPA file for your iPhone or iPod touch, the link is below.The file size is 75MB.

If you are new in jailbreak,you can check out our tutorials from here.The other thing you should know is how to add IPA files to your iPhone or iPad,our tutorial posted here.

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  1. I am looking this game for a while.Thanks for sharing and I like the IPA file by given.

  2. @Aaron
    Yup,this game is kinda hot and the price also lower than the others.

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